Rural King Tractors Are Junk | How True It Is?

If you are looking for a new tractor in the endless sea of available options, you must have heard the name Rural King Tractor and might even consider buying it. These tractors are available in the compact, sub-compact, and light utility classes for a price that will not cost you an arm and a leg and will fit your requirements perfectly. As inclined as you may be towards purchasing this brand, you may find out with some research that it has had its fair share of problems and complaints in the past. Some people would even go to the length of saying that Rural King Tractors are junk. But is it the actual case? Let’s figure it out.

Rural King Tractors Are Junk


Rural King Tractors Are Junk | Is It The Case?

Rural King Tractors have been in the market for over five decades. Manufactured by TYM, a leading compact tractor manufacturer in South Korea, they are incorporated with best-in-class engines made by Yanmar for ranges RK19 to RK54 (19-55HP) and EPA Tier 4 compliant turbocharged diesel engines made by Deutz for the range RK74(74HP). Many features adorn these machines from Tym, like two or 3-range hydrostatic transmission with the auto throttle for sub-compact and compact series and 16F/16R power shuttle with creeper interlock for light utility range. 4WD with differential lock, hydrostatic power steering, easy-to-use operator controls, suspension seats with armrests, a cabin offering both open roof and AC options, and a retractable seatbelt to keep the tired operator at bay makes for a simple yet powerful machine. Then what exactly caused the copious amounts of buyer’s remorse for them to say that Rural King Tractors are junk?

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Problems with the Rural King Tractors 

As much as we appreciate people who put in time and effort to research products before buying, trying to scour forums and Facebook groups to source credible information about any product is difficult. We have collected some common denominators for the Rural King Tractors that have posed problems for several owners. They are listed below.

Servicing: The most common issue seems to be the servicing, and although servicing is provided at every Rural King store, the services aren’t prompt, and it may take up to several weeks for a simple part replacement or repair. There also seems to be a lack of skilled technicians for the job.

Replacement Parts: Another issue with these tractors is that the replacement parts are difficult to source as most of the features are to be imported in case of any damage, rendering the machine out of use until the piece is arranged. It also poses an issue if the company goes out of business, which is not a scenario at the moment, but if it does, it might be trouble for the tractor owners to find replacement parts in the States.

Failed Fuel Pump: Several mechanical issues also stem from a failed fuel pump, which is a recurring theme in the Rural King Tractors. Transmission pump failure also leads to the inability to keep gear and loss of lubrication.

Build of the Tractor: Issues with the build of the tractor are not very likely. Still, it is a problem for unfortunate buyers with faulty design or construction errors that make the machine unsalvagable.

Redeeming features

The Rural King Tractors does not always miss, and this list of positive attributes of the machine may be a good display of why that is the case. And you might need to see the complete picture to make a firm decision. Here is why Rural King Tractors are worth the investment.

  • Premium quality for a very affordable price
  • Direct buying and selling; no dealers are involved with the Rural King Tractors supply.
  • Available with industry-leading warranties
  • Comes with an array of accessories, including ear remotes, work lights, draft control, audio systems & rear wipers (cab models), and an upgraded seat

Customer Reviews | Rural King Tractors are junk?

A buyer who purchased the 2018 RK 24 rated the product a 4 out of 5 and wrote down this review, “For a new tractor line, there are some things they are still working out. Service has been good in locating leaks.”

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FAQs | Rural King Tractors

Who makes Rural King Tractors?

Rural King Tractors are manufactured by TYM, a leading tractor manufacturer in South Korea, and the final assembly takes place in Waverly, OH, and Williston, FL. RK by King Kutter 3-Pt. King Kutter makes equipment in Winfield, AL, and tires & wheels are manufactured by the midwest-based Titan International.

What are the pricing and financing details?

Rural King Tractors offer zero down payment financing for 84 months through RK Finance, a partnership with Huntsville, AL-based Redstone Federal Credit Union. Loan applications can be quickly submitted online or in person in any store.

Is Rural King Tractor a family business?

Yes, the Rural King Tractor has been a family business since its inception, creating a better rapport with customers.

How do I know which one is the right tractor for me?

You can list your priorities and then visit the official website of Rural King Tractors and look at the specifications and build of different model ranges to narrow down what suits you.

What is the warranty of the Rural King Tractors?

The 19-55HP tractors come with a 2-year full machine warranty and 8-year, 3000-hour powertrain warranty, while the 74HP tractors come with a 2-year whole machine and 5-year, 3000-hour powertrain warranty.

Closure | Rural King Tractors are junk?

Rural King Tractors are junk might be an exaggerated statement. These tractors offer a reliable and durable build for a very affordable price, along with many features and accessories that are hard to overlook. It is easy to use and handle and keeps small to large-scale needs in mind, with engines ranging from 19 to 74 HP. 

A family-owned and operated business that works without any dealers and mediators may go through its fair share of troubles to deliver premium quality to customers. We presented you with the machine’s pros and cons, and you have to make a decision. We hope you choose wisely with our aid. If you have any valuable input you would like to add or any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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