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Fall is undoubtedly the most aesthetically pleasing season, and hang on, spring enthusiasts, We hear your arguments about new leaves and beautiful flowers surrounding you. But would you not agree when we say that a sense of comfort and happiness wash over you when you think of fall? Be it the cooler temperature making you feel comfortable or the nature bathed in hues of reds, oranges, and yellows, or everyone’s favorite pumpkin spice. This time especially appeals to people who have deciduous trees in their yards with the sound of leaves crunching under their feet. 

Milwaukee leaf blower review

All good fun until it comes time to clear those up because we’re sure you wouldn’t want to deal with decaying leaves as spring approaches. For smaller areas, a rake might suffice, but you might want to consider using a leaf blower to help minimize effort and time. A leaf blower is also a multipurpose instrument that may be used to clean up muddy walkways and porches, grass clippings, and debris left over from mowing the lawn, as well as commercial sites.

Narrowing down your preference and amount of work may help you find the perfect fit for you as there is an array of products available with different sources of power and the delivered speed and performance. But if you have set your mind on a battery-powered option for the greater good of the environment, then we have just the product for you. This is the Milwaukee leaf blower review so let us delve right in.


Milwaukee Leaf Blower Review • Innovative Solutions?

The brand Milwaukee has been around since 1924 and since then it has become a part of countless toolkits over the decades. The company was first established in 1924 by A. F. Seibert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, and was later acquired by Techtronic Industries in 2005.  Being in touch with technology and offering creative solutions are crucial for this brand since they not only understand their consumers but also the constantly shifting needs of the jobsite. Milwaukee has launched numerous cordless product lines that offer performance and power without jeopardizing the environment. 


One of the many cordless products offered by the company is the Milwaukee Leaf Blowers, whose popularity can be attributed to the fact that operating one is as simple as plugging in and charging a battery. Additionally, because it is cordless, you can use it wherever you like because an electrical outlet is not required. Let’s look at the similarities and differences between the models that are now on the market for these zero-emission and incredibly lightweight blowers that could be your next purchase.

Milwaukee M12 Leaf Blower

The Milwaukee M12 Compact Spot Blower (0852-20) combines a compact design with the reliability and performance of the Milwaukee M12 lineup of products. This device is integrated with an axial fan that delivers a maximum air speed of 110 mph and a maximum air volume of 175 cfm which is not up to the mark for fallen foliage but is definitely ideal and is designed for jobsite applications.

Talking about the compact design this blower has a total length of 15 inches and weighs 3.3 lbs in its smallest configuration making it easy to maneuver around cramped spaces and requires minimal storage you can always use the 10-inch extension tube otherwise.

Two types of nozzles are featured for versatility and different purposes. Rubber nozzle for greater maneuverability around tight corners and wide sweeping nozzle to tackle larger areas and open spaces. This mower also features two-speed settings and a variable speed trigger for greater control. The trigger can also be locked into place for bigger jobs to ensure optimum comfort for the operator.

The battery run time would depend on the amp hour of the battery you are using and the speed setting and ideally the battery would drain faster if used at a higher speed and can last around 15 minutes. A battery indicator is integrated into the tool to keep the battery levels in check and the noise level is minimal as well. Overall a great product that can be considered for smaller and more fine-tuned jobs.

Notable features

  • A maximum air speed of 110 mph.
  • A maximum air volume of 175 cfm.
  • Dual-speed electronic switch for versatility.
  • Variable speed trigger for enhanced control.
  • The trigger can be locked in place for the operator’s comfort. 
  • Rubber and wide sweeping nozzle.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Tool Warranty – 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Power Source – Cordless
  • Material Composition – Plastic
  • Length – 15 in 
  • Weight – 3.3 lb
  • Height – 8.48 in
  • Width – 4.74 in
  • Battery System – M12

Milwaukee M18 Leaf Blower 

The Milwaukee M18 Compact Blower (0884-20) is a successor of the M12 leaf blower with comparable power and performance with some extra features and applications that you can perform. The maximum achievable airspeed is 160 mph and the air volume is 100 cfm making it ideal for smaller jobs. The M18 Blower has a variable speed trigger and a three-speed electronic switch for flexibility and control, and you can lock the trigger in position for comfort.

Milwaukee 2724-21HD M18 120 MPH 450 CFM 18V Brushless Cordless Handheld Blower Kit with 8.0 Ah Battery, Rapid Charger
  • High/low speed settings
  • brushless motor: delivers more power under load and longer motor life
  • Power to clear from 15 ft.
  • Maximum air speed: 120 MPH
  • Maximum air volume: 450 CFM

As this model is intended for smaller jobs it also features a rubber nozzle that is allegedly crush-proof and a shock-absorbing polymer body to maneuver around any crevices or even establish contact with the surface that you are trying to clean without any damage done to the device. You can attach an extension nozzle tube for an extended 9 inches of length and this model is also compatible with the universal inflator and deflator so that it can serve multiple purposes.

Although the one point of concern amongst customers was the air vent being on the left side of the tool and would catch on clothing for right-handed users which include the majority so it might be a challenge to coordinate the machine.

Notable features

  • A maximum air speed of 160 mph.
  • A maximum air volume of 100 cfm.
  • A 3-Speed electronic switch with a lock-on switch along with a variable speed trigger. 
  • Battery level indicators.
  • Nozzle extension and universal inflator and deflator to serve a variety of purposes.
  • Soft plastic nozzle and shock-absorbing polymer body.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Tool Warranty – 5 Years
  • Power Source – Cordless
  • Length – 20-1/2″
  • Weight – 2.6 lbs
  • Width – 5-1/2″
  • Warranty – 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Speed – 3-Speed Electronic Switch
  • Max Air Flow – 100 CFM (160 MPH)
  • Voltage – 18V
  • Battery System – M18

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Leaf Blower

M18 FUEL Blower (2724-20|21)

We’ve now reached the part of Milwaukee cordless equipment powered by batteries, which provides power equivalent to gas without the inconvenience or upkeep. This M18 FUEL Blower, like the M12 and M18 variants, has two-speed settings and a variable speed trigger for maximum control, as well as a mechanism to lock the trigger in place for comfort. The FUEL range’s proprietary Powerstate brushless motor, which extends service life due to the reduced friction, is what distinguishes this from similar products.

The patented Redlithium High Output XC8.0 can be taken into consideration for increased efficiency as this configuration produces a maximum air speed of 120 mph and a maximum air volume of 450 cfm. In order to achieve peak performance, the Redlink Plus Intelligence system also creates hardware and software correspondence that is streamlined. Although you can save a little money by using any M18 battery, they are all compatible.

This blower is an excellent option for folks who are still wary of battery-powered goods and worry about underperformance because, according to the manufacturer, it can reach full throttle in under a second and operate from a distance of 15 feet.

Notable features

  • A maximum air speed of 120 mph.
  • A maximum air volume of 450 cfm.
  • POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor.
  • REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence.
  • M18™ REDLITHIUM™ HIGH OUTPUT™ XC8.0 Battery Pack.
  • Full throttle in under a second.
  • Range of 15 feet.
  • Variable speed trigger with a locking feature.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Power Source – Cordless
  • Length – 33.8″
  • Weight – 4.9 lbs
  • Height – 9.7″
  • Width – 5.87″
  • Compatible Batteries – All M18™ Batteries
  • Compatible Chargers – 48-59-1812, 48-59-1806, 48-59-1807, 48-59-1808, 48-59-1810
  • Sound Pressure – 62dB
  • Battery System – M18

M18 FUEL Dual Battery Blower (2824-20)

We’re confident that our clever readers can put two and two together and imagine what two batteries can do if a single battery can manage to generate power similar to a gas blower. Beyond expectations, this M18 FUEL Dual Battery Blower is a perfect match for landscape specialists.

Like the M18 FUEL, the dual battery model also is capable of reaching full throttle in under a second so you can get to work immediately and has the three trademarked technologies integrated. The Powerstate brushless motor ensures longevity and the Redlink batteries deliver great power along with the Redlink Plus Intelligence the smooth communication between the hardware and software is established.

You can complete more challenging tasks with ease thanks to the dual battery setup’s maximum air speed of 145 mph and maximum air volume of 650 cfm, and the power remains consistent throughout the battery’s charge levels. The variable speed sliding lock on this blower allows it to be locked in place in addition to operating at various speeds. Different nozzle attachments namely flat and tapered ones are available so that your blower is equipped for versatile jobs.

Notable Features

  • A maximum air speed of 145 mph.
  • A maximum air volume of 650 cfm.
  • POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor.
  • REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence.
  • Requires M18™ REDLITHIUM™ batteries.
  • Full throttle in under a second.
  • Variable Speed Trigger.
  • Flat and tapered nozzles.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Tool Warranty – 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • Power Source – Cordless
  • Motor Type – POWERSTATE™ Brushless
  • Material Composition – Plastic
  • Length – 34.09 in
  • Weight – 6.01 lb
  • Height – 10.5 in
  • Width – 7.06 in
  • CFM – 600
  • MPH – 145
  • Blow Force – 17.7 Newtons
  • Noise Rating – 64dB(A)
  • Voltage – M18
  • Brushless – Yes
  • Battery System – M18


Milwaukee has come up with very innovative solutions and their leaf blowers are just an example. We have listed down some of the features that can be appreciated.

  • Hassle-free use and maintenance as these are not gas-powered models.
  • Unlimited range of use as it is cordless.
  • Very light and ergonomic design.
  • Variable speed options for versatility. 
  • The batteries of the individual models are compatible with the entire range of products. 


Every product has its downsides and so is the case with Milwaukee Leaf Blower. And for you to be the judge we have listed down some cons.

  • Battery-powered products have their limitations with the run time.
  • Leaf blowers are infamous for the noise they produce.
  • The M18 compact blower has a design flaw with the air vent on the left of the device that can catch onto clothing for right-handed operators.

Customer Feedback | Milwaukee Leaf Blower Review

Milwaukee products are sold on a variety of platforms and the customer remark shifts based on the seller but we have collected some verified buyer reviews for you to accurately judge the quality of these products. 

This first buyer has articulated some features that they appreciated. They say, “Although I love Milwaukee tools, this one seriously impressed me! An excellent blower that is balanced and not too bulky. Adequate power to gather leaves on a lawn, sweep sidewalks after yard work, clean up the shop, and even remove light snow. heavy use can quickly drain a 5.0 battery, but I have lots of those, and my 8.0 works perfectly with this. puts out a great amount of air and has been quite beneficial for cleanup.

The trigger lock is a nice feature, and the ramp-up time is almost instant. Additionally, it runs for a long time on my High Output batteries. Once again, this is a great product that I would highly recommend, as I would with any of my Milwaukee tools and products. Very lightweight and ergonomic.”

Another happy buyer had positive things to say about the Milwaukee Leaf Blowers as they mention, “The charged batteries make this leafblower easy for the entire family to use. Having said that, I had no problems utilizing it three to four times a week for over three months. Excellent simple blower on turtle (low) with an xc8 battery or rabbit (high) on a hd12 battery will vary in battery life. The turtle is fantastic for things like mulch, sidewalks, driveways, and cars.

Since it has that added power, the rabbit is perfect for a landscape with a desert climate like mine. It also works nicely on grass. High, as I have previously stated, calls for a larger battery Being that it was a buy one, get one free tool deal, I’m delighted with my purchase overall.”

Milwaukee leaf blower review

And certainly, we encountered one with buyer’s remorse and they describes their not-so-pleasant experiences saying, “Overpriced must return with a significantly lower price, especially for battery-operated blowers that use gas, or with a higher value and a lower cost. A fully charged battery drained in about ten minutes. I carefully recharged it, but the same thing happened. I’m probably going to return the blowtorch and batteries. I have used several Milwaukee battery tools without any problems, therefore I assume I have a defective battery.”

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FAQs | Milwaukee Leaf Blower Review

Where are Milwaukee Leaf Blowers made?

Milwaukee Tool is a US-based company and hence has manufacturing units in the country along with some in Europe and China.

Which Milwaukee Leaf Blower is the best?

The best leaf blower is very much dependent on the kind and amount of usage you require but if you can spare some money then the FUEL lineup is easily the overall best and can be used for multiple things. But if that is not the case or you or you want a lighter and smaller alternative then the M18 compact blower can generate great air speeds. M12 should be considered if clearing leaves is not your main goal.

Where to buy Milwaukee Leaf Blower?

Some buying links have been shared in the article but Milwaukee tools are very popular and can be found on many e-commerce websites. Some of those are Amazon, Home Depot, Supply House so on and so forth. More buying options can be found on the official Milwaukee website and you can also find your local seller on the same.

Closure | Milwaukee Leaf Blower Review

Milwaukee Leaf Blowers are incredibly easy to use, store and maintain and have managed to attract several residential and commercial buyers. We have attempted to list down all the models currently available in the market and a detailed description of what to expect from the brand so that you can choose whatever suits you best. We do encourage you to do some research of your own so you can be informed buyers. 

Please feel free to reach out to us for any further queries or information. Happy shopping!

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