Makita Lawn Mower Review | Should You Go for It?

If you’re looking for a reliable way to get your job done or want to keep your lawn trimmed, then Makita Lawn Mower might be an option on your list. This lawn mower is a very recent release from the long-established company, Makita. It’s being sold as an easy-to-use, high-performing lawn mower. But is it the absolute right choice for you? We will figure that out in an unbiased Makita Lawn Mower Review. We will evaluate various factors, including interior, exterior design, durability, safety, convenience, and the machine’s performance, to help you make a wise decision.

Makita Lawn Mower Review

Makita is getting praises from all around for their durable steel decks offering optimum airflow to keep your lawn in superb condition. They have models ranging from self-propelled walk-behinds to heavy-duty professional turf care machines that can tackle anything from ball fields to golf courses. Makita offers a broad range of models, allowing you to choose the right mower for your lawn. Their walk-behind models have powerful torque motors rated at 15 and 20 amps to deliver unprecedented power and performance. They offer rear bagging and mulching features with a standard or high lift grass catcher. So does that mean this device is all good and has 0 flaws? Let’s find out!


Makita Lawn Mower Review | The Absolute Best?

The Makita Lawn Mower is a powerful, lightweight gas-driven lawn mower designed for low-maintenance use. It has an ergonomic design and an easy start. Along with this, it has an incredible 4WD system that can move the mower in all directions to cut your entire lawn or even pathways through the area without getting stuck. The mower is a 7.5-horsepower model with a 30-inch cut length, which makes it perfect for just about any yard. The dual-blade design ensures that your lawn gets a nice, even trim with minimal effort. There are very few devices that can help gardeners like this one.

The Makita Lawn Mower has an impressive number of features included in the package. These features include:

  • The 4WD system allows the mower to have full mobility in every direction and operate smoothly
  • Powerful engine 
  • Quickly adjusts to different heights 
  • Mulching and bagging options available 
  • Clipping deflector is included 
  • Wheel height can quickly be adjusted with just one hand 
  • Starts easily without much effort 
  • Deck is made from steel  
  • Large rear wheels and a self-propelled system makes it easy to pull the mower around the lawn

Makita Lawn Mower

The Makita lawn mower is by no means an old model, but it is a popular one nonetheless. There are many pros to owning this product and some cons as well.

Pros of Using Makita Lawn Mower

  • Powerful 4WD system to move the lawn mower in any direction 
  • 3 levels of cutting with height settings 
  • Ergonomic design for easy operation and control 
  • Quick start engine with turbo boost mode to complete your project in half the time

Cons of Using Makita Lawn Mower

  • Loud engine
  • Needs a lot of fuel and time to get started 
  • 4WD system can be a bit of a battery hog, so you might have to change the settings more frequently.

How to start Makita Lawn Mower? | Makita Lawn Mower Review

A few things are needed to start your Makita Lawn Mower: Gas, Oil, Fuel Filter Screen, and Air Filter. You can find these items at any hardware store, order them from any e-commerce website, such as Amazon, and have them delivered to your doorstep.

1. Turn off the current mower and remove the spark plug wire

step 12. Install an appropriate screwdriver into the battery’s terminal

step 2

3.Turn on again, and let it fully heat up for a few minutes

4. Start pushing the lawn mower with your foot to make sure there is no gas left inside

step 4

5. Disconnect all cables that are attached to the mower, including radio antennas and those of your smartphone or computer

6.Get the 3M cable and connect the positive side to the positive (+) terminal on your battery

step 6

7.Connect the other end of the cable to a good socket outlet

step 7

8.Unlock and remove the key from your mower (If not done correctly, it will not start)

step 8

9.Turn off the ignition and start turning the wheel back and forth (just enough to get it out of gear)

step 9

10.Put on your gloves, and with both hands, seize both handles on each side of the wheel

11.Remove the key from the ignition, and turn it to the first position (It should be in park mode)

12.Unscrew the two screws holding the frame to the mower deck and remove it

step 12

13.Insert a good screwdriver into the switch and rotate it (it’s upside-down now) counterclockwise to expose its inner wiring

14.Remove any wires caught between its cover plate, thus preventing you from removing the cover plate

step 14

Customer Reviews | Makita Lawn Mower Review

Tyler said, ‘’I was able to cut through both thick branches and small thistles without any problems. It can handle roughly 1h30 with a fully charged battery (approximately 40 minutes of constant cutting time), which is more than enough for me.’’ 

Calab said, ‘’The mower can cut in several directions, and I had no problems going around shrubs while mowing my lawn.’’  

Makita Lawn Mower

Being very happy with the product Ethan said, ‘’The mower is light and easy to control and move. There is no assembly required. I was even able to use the blade with the mower without being plugged into a power source, which was very convenient.’’

FAQs | Makita Lawn Mower Review

Are Makita Cordless Mowers any good?

The Makita Cordless Mower is one of the more expensive models available today, but it’s also one of the most highly rated. As you probably know, cordless mowers have their share of benefits compared to their gas-powered counterparts. Battery-operated mowers are much cheaper to operate and maintain, easier to start and can be used anywhere. Plus, since they are lightweight, you can mow anywhere without much effort.

Which is the best Makita Lawn Mower?

Makita makes a great range of reliable, powerful, and easy-to-use lawn mowers. Knowing the best Makita Lawn Mower for your needs can be difficult, so we’ve compiled this guide to help you find your perfect match. If you need a powerful mower for rugged terrain, then the Makita KM175RFE is the answer. If you only have small patches of grass and want a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver machine, go for the new Makita BL20TPF. If you’re looking for a great backing-up lawn mower that’ll cut through tough ground, then the BL26T is ideal.

How to use Makita Lawn Mower?

Makita Lawn Mowers are designed with a powerful engine and quality blades that provide consistent cutting. You can easily adjust the lever to match the height of the grass and lock in place once desired size has been reached. If the grass is longer than the mower, simply switch to mulching. You can easily adjust the mower’s blades to spin reverse to cut the grass again. This is useful when you are cutting long grass and want to remove any clippings.  

It’s possible to adjust the wheel height with just one hand by spinning it up and down. You can also change from mulching to bagging by pressing a button on top of the deck of Makita Lawn Mower.

Conclusion | Makita Lawn Mower Review

Concluding the Makita Lawn Mower Review, we may say that the Makita is one of the most trusted names in consumer power tools. With a wide range of quality lawn mowers on the market, Makita Cordless Push Lawn Mower is everyone’s favorite. It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver around obstacles, has a well-built deck that doesn’t become clogged with grass or other debris, and charges up very quickly. 

If you need an affordable lawn mower that will last for years of use, this is it. It has all the features you will need, offering a good amount of power while still being efficient. But in the end, it all depends on what you want from the mower. Every product has a different impact on different people. So, do your homework, go through all the ratings and reviews of the product, and decide whether you want the product.

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