John Deere X300 Reviews | Ideal Tractor? (Unbiased)

If you’ve been researching lawnmowers to find a solution for your lawn-care requirements, you may have run into a lot of walk-behind models. With a wide variety of models on the market and being ideal for many homeowners with small to medium-sized yards, you know it will still not work for you. Additionally, you might have seen zero-turn mowers, which you should consider given the difficulty of your gardening tasks. You are aware that no way on earth could fit in your garage. If so, hang in there; when you need to convert workdays into hours, there is nothing better than a conventional lawn tractor. 

Much better suited to more significant properties or terrain with fewer negotiating obstacles. All this can be done while you’re comfortably seated on these machines, which can deliver the power and performance required—powered by a battery for the environmentally conscious or by gas for those who enjoy the performance. Another noteworthy feature is that lawn tractors can be customized with various attachments to create versatile tools for year-round use. 

John Deere X300 reviews

If we’ve piqued your interest, hold tight as we reveal the product for today that claims to satisfy this criterion to a tee. Let’s get right to the John Deere X300 reviews. On the lookout for a lawn tractor that will cater to all your needs, you need to look no further than the featured model! But is it all true about the tractor? 


John Deere X300 Reviews | The Best Lawn Tractor Available?

Not many brands can claim that they have a legacy of almost two centuries in the market. John Deere has been providing innovative solutions in the agriculture and turf management industries for 185 years as of 2022. Although it takes years to build such a legacy, there is no magic involved in establishing this one. They have managed to make their name with an unmatched dedication to their customers’ growing requirements and by using technologically sound techniques and relentless research and development to find a solution.

Constant work is also being done to create sustainable machines fit for the century we live in. For a competitive edge, the equipment businesses rely on John Deere Financial Services, Power Systems, Intelligent Solutions Group, and Aftermarket & Customer Support.  When taken as a whole, this group of related companies aids John Deere in addressing some of the most pressing global issues now and in the future. 

John Deere took a new initiative in 2006 at the assembly plant in Horicon, Wisconsin, producing the select X300 series that includes models, namely X320, X350, X370, X380, X390, and other intermediate models. Some significant changes were made in 2011, but the X300 select series is still strong and a customer favorite. Three distinct engines were added throughout the development of the John Deere X300 Lawn and Garden Tractor.

Included among the engines are the Kawasaki FH491V and FS600V. This allows customers to choose one that caters to their needs better. The compact design of the X300 series is also a valuable highlight as it does not require a lot of storage space and may appeal to several customers for that sole reason. 

With a power output of 20 to 23.5 HP and an accel deep mower deck that comes in 42, 48, and 54-inch versions, customers have various options and deck widths that are appropriate for homeowners with medium to large residential properties. For additional comfort, while mowing, a few models in the range feature power four-wheel steering and an 18-inch high back cut and sewn seat. The models come with a few typical attributes like a dependable deck leveling system, forward and reverse foot pedals to access every nook and cranny, and a mulch control kit that can be activated with the push of a button.

You can also bag the grass clippings using the 2-bag material collection system for a pristine lawn. This is a great garden tractor because you can use it for purposes other than simply mowing your lawn; it can hold a variety of attachments, including snow blowers and blades.


The build and construction must be appropriate for a powerful lawn tractor. The machine’s cast iron front axle, front wheel ball bearings, and stamped steel deck contribute to its strength. To reduce sound vibrations, the bonnet is wholly enclosed, and colored material is molded. This, combined with powder paint, shows to be successful against corrosion—large tires at the front and rear aid in a comfortable ride. Additionally, several attachments can be fastened to the tractor using the rear tow hitch, and a maximum towing capacity of 600 lbs is acknowledged.


As mentioned above, the X300 series features a power output of 20 to 23.5 HP with a displacement oscillating around the value of about 725 ccs. Fully pressurized V Twin engines with overhead valves and cast iron liners are some of the critical engine specifications of the brand. Oil and air filters are also present, and the oil change is very convenient with oil draining without requiring any tools and a replaceable filter.

The fuel needed to run the John Deere X300 is gasoline, and it has a 3.3-gallon fuel tank located in the rear of the lawn tractor. According to its technical specifications and the machines sold so far, it is clear that the John Deere X300 has a sound power output without compromising on user comfort. The brand has also aimed to alter one defining characteristic of a gas-powered lawn tractor: the loud noise produced with the help of air cooling. 

Drive type and transmission

The John Deere X300 series features the most user-friendly transmission as the hydrostatic transmission does not require manual gear changes. The fluid flowing through flexible hoses powers a hydraulic pump or accumulator, which powers the motor. The trademarked Tuff Torq transmission fulfills the said purpose. Twin Touch pedals control and button-on dash cruise control for a smooth mowing experience. 

This lawn tractor series is also capable of forward and reverse motion. A small turning radius, between 16 and 22 inches, also improves maneuverability because you only need that much room to make a successful turn. The manual steering is very responsive, and the internal wet disc brakes help maintain traction throughout. 

Cutting deck

This range of mowers has deck widths that are 42, 48, and 54 inches wide to accommodate various size requirements and whether or not your lawn has obstacles. The trademarked Accel Deep mower deck featured throughout the entire series has two or four mower wheels depending on the deck size. An electric PTO clutch drives the mower. The wheel adjustment requires you to level it in four positions and may require some tools, but the inbuilt deck-leveling gauge and exact adjust port make it simple to adjust the deck level.

For greater versatility, this lawn tractor has 13 intermediate cutting positions with a cutting height range of 1 to 4 inches. With the deck wash-out port, which you can use to attach a hose and let the water pressure clean underneath the deck, cleaning the deck is just as simple.

Operator’s comfort

Operator fatigue is a common phenomenon experienced after long days of mowing and triggers muscle cramps and body aches due to the vibrations. So minimizing the same is essential for a comfortable user experience. This is ensured via the high open back seat and sure grip rubber floor mats. A storage box underneath the seat and a cup holder keeps things you might need throughout the day within comfortable reach.

Manufacturer Specifications 


  • Power Output: 20 to 23.5 HP.
  • Displacement: 724 to 726 cc.
  • Type: Overhead valve, full pressure.
  • Cylinders: V twin, cast iron liners.
  • Governor: Mechanical.
  • Choke Separate levers, automatic choke return.
  • Cooling method: Air.
  • Air cleaner: Dry, replaceable. 
  • Oil change: No tools oil drain.

Fuel System

  • Type: Gasoline.
  • Fuel delivery: Pulse pump, carburetor.
  • Fuel tank location: Rear.
  • Fuel fill opening: 3 inches on the left fender.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.3 gallons.

Electrical system 

  • Battery: 12 V, 340 CCA.
  • Charging system: Flywheel alternator, regulated, 12 amp regulated.
  • Engine starter: Bendix.
  • Headlights: Two standards, incandescent, 27 W.


  • Type: Hydrostatic integrated with transaxle.
  • Control: Twin Touch pedals.
  • Cruise control: Button on the dash.
  • Oil cooler: Fins and fan on the transaxle.
  • Oil filter: Internal, not replaceable.
  • Capable of forward and reverse mowing.
  • Brakes: Internal wet disc.


  • Frame: Welded heavy duty.
  • Primer: E coat/powder.
  • Front axle: Cast iron front axle, front wheel ball bearings.
  • Hood material: Fully enclosed, molded in.
  • Fender deck material: Stamped steel.
  • Maximum towing capacity: 600 lbs.

Mower deck 

  • Type: Side discharge.
  • Construction: Stamped steel deck shell.
  • Mower wash port: Yes.
  • Mower drive system: Electric power take-off (PTO) clutch, in-line belt.
  • Mower cut height: 13 positions, 1-4 inches.
  • Cut height increments: 0.25 inches.
  • Preset cut height: Yes.


Now for all the good reasons for John Deere being as popular as is pointed out below.

  • The layout usability is very clever and user-friendly, with all the pedals and control placement in comfortable reach.
  • The opening for side discharge is large and hence does not let any clumps or accumulation on the deck.
  • The gas tank not only holds a significant amount of fuel but also uses it efficiently to span the area you want to mow and save fuel.
  • It provides excellent traction and can be used for sloping landscapes as well.
  • Larger tires ensure a smooth ride.
  • The owner manual is elementary to understand.

John Deere X300 reviews


Our job is to let you know the good and the bad so that you do not experience buyer’s remorse, especially when you are spending a lot of money on a heavy-duty lawn tractor. You have to keep these things in mind while looking for perfect lawn tractors. Here are some of the places where the John Deere X300 misses.

  • Buyers have complained about the belts coming off or not working in general.
  • Some buyers also mentioned the digital display getting hazy very quickly.
  • The machine scratches very easily.
  • Everyone did not appreciate the automatic blade shut-off feature.

Customer Feedback | John Deere X300 Reviews

There have been several happy customers that are satisfied with their X300 purchases. One of those customers has taken their valuable time to articulate a detailed description of everything they like about this mower, “I’ve written two reviews since making my initial purchase. What a great mower, wow! The 20-hp Briggs engine is powerful and silent. Never once did the sluggish engine down. When the mower deck is turned on, you can tell that things will get down to business. It’s straightforward to get used to the RIO button on the dash. Over the weekend, I cut 4 acres, and pressing the button without thinking about it became automatic.

Another buyer expressed having an overall great experience, “I have 49 hours on my X370 and have owned it for a year. It replaced my 20-year-old STX38, which had a damaged front end. I love the power steering because I have a lot of obstacles to navigate on my two acres, including about 20 trees and two buildings. The 18.5 Kawasaki’s only drawback is that it consumes twice as much fuel as the STX38’s 13.5 Kohler engine. When I can, I look forward to using this machine.”

John Deere X300 reviews

We also appreciate this customer who pointed out their difficulties with the machine. This critical account can help you understand the flaws and whether they are significant enough for you to reconsider your decision, “This tractor is great. Smooth, quiet, well-equipped, and well-designed describe it. But it has some significant flaws. It lacks and is not equipped with a limited-slip differential. My driveway has a slight grade but lacks the traction to move uphill and blow snow, even with two suitcase weights and chains.

Within 15 minutes, a digital display becomes fogged over and remains so for more than an hour—easy hood scratches, additionally the headlights. When driving on a hard surface, you can feel the front wheels wobble, not the rims themselves but the tires on the rims (driveway).

John Deere X300 reviews

In a hurry, you wouldn’t be able to lift your leg high or quickly enough to stop it because the forward peddle is a little small, and the brake is way too high. You must lift your entire leg, not just your foot, to get to it. I want to love this mower, but I just can’t get past the hazy dash and shaky tires.”

FAQs | John Deere X300

How to start John Deere X300?

The lawn tractor should be removed from its storage space into a well-ventilated area to start the engine. Then you can go ahead and insert the key into the ignition and push the parking brake pedal to unlock it. Then put the throttle lever in the choke position and turn the key in the start position. Before starting the drive, give your engine a couple of minutes to get warm.

How to level the mower deck of John Deere X300?

Adjusting the mower deck on a John Deere X300 can be quickly done. Starting with pressing the left-hand lever, you can adjust the cutting height you please, and the position will be locked in place when you release your foot from the lever.

How long will a John Deere X300 last?

Proper care of and maintenance of a John Deere X300 may last up to 700 hours.

Which oil is used for the John Deere X300?

The engine oil SAE 10W-30 is used for John Deere X300. A unique blend called Turf-Gard multi-viscosity 4-cycle motor oil offers prolonged engine protection.

Closure | John Deere X300 Reviews

The X300 riding lawn mower series offers a great ergonomic design and a variety of engine and deck sizes to accommodate different requirements. With the capacity to tackle overgrown bushes and wet grass even on hilly terrains, this beast certainly does not lack power and performance. We have attempted to describe this range’s hits and misses in great detail to decide if it is the right mower for you.

As this is one of the more expensive products, we recommend doing further research as minor differences between models are the selling point for you. Please do reach out to us in case of any queries, and have a great shopping experience. 

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