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A thought that occurs to every person trying to maintain a garden is why their plants or grass cover does not cooperate. You may take enough care and precautions and supply water regularly, but you have yet to see desired results, or you may dwell in drought-hit areas.  Whatever the cause, the science behind groundwater content is your friend. The optimum water content is vital for plant growth and biological and chemical activities in the soil and to protect the soil against erosion.

Hydretain Reviews

Groundwater, along with the various dissolved nutrients present in it, is integral for plant growth, survival, and the process of photosynthesis. The voids in the soil profile contain water droplets accessible by the roots. But these water droplets are constantly being pulled downwards due to the force of gravity or are turned into water vapors and evaporated into the atmosphere endangering the plant life during scarce water conditions.

Overcompensating this with additional water may lead to fungal infections or diseases due to weakened root follicles. Hydretain is a product that manipulates this information and formulates an effective solution. We have some Hydretain reviews to know how they work.


Hydretain Reviews • Clever Chemistry

Hydretain is a one-of-a-kind root zone moisture management system that can effectively cut down your watering requirements by half without relying on wetting agents, also known as surfactants. Apart from maintaining soil moisture and avoiding wilting of plants, Hydretain also helps to treat dry spots that are hydrophobic soil patches caused by extended periods of dryness, and absorption does not occur as the water seeps through the voids.

Adding hydretain with other lawn care ingredients during germination can aid the process. These reasons make it a staple for homeowners from maintaining lawns to potted plants or for professional use such as sports fields, agricultural lands, greenhouses, and property contractors. 

Wetting agents or surfactants have been around for quite some time, and it works by lowering the surface tension, therefore, allowing for water penetration into the soil profile, but that does not ensure that the water will be available in the root zone. Hydretain turned to humectants used in the food and cosmetic industry to find a safe and biodegradable solution to this problem.

Humectants attract surrounding water vapors and turn them into liquid water that can be accessed by plants and is not lost to aquifers or evaporation. This is done as the product forms a film around root hairs and acts as tiny reservoirs. Hydretain is available in granular or liquid form so let us check those out.

Hydretain Granular 

The granular variant of Hydretain is available in 3 lbs bag or 15 lbs bag options. And as the name suggests, this product is in the form of biodegradable compost granule and provides ease of application with the help of handheld or powered dry seeders. These granules are then activated once they are watered.

Hydretain Moisture Manager Granular - 15 Lbs.
  • Cuts Watering By Up To 50% Or More!
  • Lawns, Trees & Shrubs.
  • Fruits, Vegetables & Flowers
  • Potted Plants & Hanging Baskets.

The thing that should be kept in mind while using the granular option is to water the lawn thoroughly within a few days of application so that the product reaches the root zone. Otherwise, it would stay above the soil or on the plant surface and draw water away from the roots doing more harm than good. 

Dosage and application

The granular product is to be applied every three months and can also be used with fertilizers for enhanced results. It is advised to water the areas thoroughly due to the reason mentioned above and avoid mowing your lawn until you have watered it so that no product is wasted. The dosage is mentioned below and can also be found on the product packaging.

  • For 1000 sq. ft. of established lawns, 2.5 to 3 lbs of product is required. It can also be used prior to seeding with the same quantity.
  • For planter beds, it is recommended to apply 1 lb per 100 sq. ft. and spread topically.
  • For potted plants and hanging baskets, the size of the pot would determine the quantity. ½ tbsp for 3”,  1 tbsp for 4”, 1½ tbsp for 5”, 2 tbsp for 6”, 4 tbsp for 8”, 6 tbsp for 10”, 8 tbsp for 12”, and 12 tbsp for 14”. 1 to 1½  cups are recommended for larger pots and urns.
  • And an even application of 1.5 to 2 lbs would be enough for shrubs and trees.

Hydretain Liquid

The easiest method of application is achieved through these ready-to-use liquid variants that can be mixed with water and then sprayed on the turf grass through a backpack sprayer using 1 or 2-gallon bottles. And if you are not too keen on mixing, then you can consider the hose end sprayer bottle and just attach the pipe, and the water and product are mixed automatically before being released onto the ground.

Hydretain HYDRT3212 Moisture Control Hose End,32 fl oz,Blue
  • Reduce overall water requirements by as much as 50% or more
  • Protect turf and plants from drought stress between rainfall and/or irrigation
  • Effective for use on all plants including potted plants, vegetable gardens and agriculture
  • Treats up to 5,000 Sq. Ft. of lawn and up to 1,000 Sq. Ft. of garden

Dosage and application

The liquid variant is a ready-to-use product and penetrates the soil quicker. However, thorough watering is still required post application to avoid the product from washing away.

  • 9 oz per 1000 sq. ft. for every three months.
  • For subsequent months you can add 6 oz every six weeks or 3 oz every month.
  • For potted plants, 2 oz of the product should be mixed with 1 gallon of water.


There are indeed numerous advantages to a product that works towards efficient maintenance of the land. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • Saves a valuable resource.
  • Signs of drought stresses are minimized.
  • Treats hydrophobic soil patches
  • Watering needs are halved and that in turn lowers utility bills.
  • Studies have shown that Hydretain improves seed germination.
  • Is a versatile product and can be used for all kinds of residential and professional properties.
  • Improves soil condition.


There are downsides to every product and you may want to consider those before taking a decision. We think this list might help with just that.


  • The product quantity can only suffice for use a few times and is overpriced for that matter.
  • The granular variant is in the form of pellets and can be a cause of choking hazards.
  • The hose end sprayer product can run out very quickly and you would not receive the claimed 5000 sq. ft.
  • As these are organic products that are absorbed by microorganisms at least one buyer has complained about increased fungi growth.
  • Storage should be taken care of as leakages may cause mess and loss of products.

Hydretain Customer Insights

Customers sure did love the fact that their lawn and other plants survived the scorching summers and one such buyer says, “I installed this in my lawn, and it actually works. My grass stayed green throughout the hot summer’s 90-degree temps, even though I don’t have any trees to shade it, and this past year was the first time in years that my lawn did not experience drought and I did not need to water it several times a day to avoid it from withering.

I reduced my water bill last year by approximately $1,200.00. People frequently ask me how I keep my grass so green, so I told them about Hydretain ES Plus, which my lawn loves, and I’m getting three more for this summer. I treat my lawn every 30 days on the first of June, first of July, and first of August.”

Other buyers expressed happiness for saving water bills and having beautiful turfs even in water-restricted areas and said, “After hearing about this product from a lawn specialist, I used it. I was aware that stage 1 water restrictions will soon be imposed on my neighborhood, which would limit watering to once per week during specific hours. I bought it to see if it would work because it claims to help you reduce watering by up to 50%.

My watering has been reduced by 50% as required by the county, but this product has allowed me to keep my lawn looking good and green, which I don’t think would have happened otherwise. Although it is somewhat expensive for the coverage, it appears to be worthwhile. I have to say that thus far. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.”

Some buyers expressed grief as they did not receive the desired results and the product ran short and said, “I decided to give this a shot. No change at all on our lawn after two weeks. I reasoned that this might assist since we are only permitted to water once each week. After three days, our lawn still appears to be completely dry, just as if I had done nothing extra.

I covered about 2500 square feet with the entire gallon. The jug claims to cover 3500 square feet. I wouldn’t waste your time. Normally, I don’t write bad reviews, but after attempting to get my money back and learning that you can’t, I decided to give this product one star.”

There were buyers who did not notice any significant changes like, “Decided to buy as a consequence of the reviews. I used the product in my backyard. I did utilize the product in accordance with the directions. Even with heavy watering after two weeks, I don’t observe any major changes.”

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FAQs | Hydretain

How long does Hydretain last?

Each application of Hydretain lasts about three months on average. You can reapply the suggested dosage every three months, half the dosage every six weeks, or one-third of it every month.

Is Hydretain kid and pet friendly?

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals has approved Hydretain products and labeled them to be completely safe for anyone even after immediate application.

What is the difference between the ES Plus and ES Plus II range?

The difference between the two product ranges is the humectant concentration. The ES Plus has a 54% humectant concentration whereas the ES Plus II has 50% humectant and 4.6% humate.

Can Hydretain be applied with a fertilizer?

Yes as it does not react with the composition of fertilizer and can enhance results. 

What is the shelf life of these products?

The shelf life of an unopened package is 5 years and is variable in the case of an opened package as it depends on how well you seal it but on average it lasts between 3 to 5 years. 

Closure | Hydretain Reviews

Hydretain is a pioneer in moisture management and has uniquely combined a staple ingredient from other disciplines into lawn care. These products have proved to work for several people living in harsh weather conditions. Hydretain does not just aid in keeping plants nourished but also improves soil and saves water which are both very important resources and has been overutilized for a very long time.

But it is you who would decide if the pros outweigh the cons as we do not want you to end up with buyer’s remorse. You can find more details on their official website as we do encourage you to do some research of your own to be an informer buyer.

Please feel free to reach out in case of any further queries or any information that might have been missed. Thank you very much. 

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