Husqvarna MZ 61 Review | Ideal Zero-turn Mower?

If your hunt for the perfect lawnmower has narrowed your choice to a zero turn, this is the review for you. A zero-turn mower can efficiently cut down your mowing time in half, deliver an excellent cut quality, and undertake large patches of grass at once. All of this is made possible by the fact that a zero-turn mower’s front and rear wheels work independently with two separate handles to control the drive, making the machine extraordinarily maneuverable and giving them a zero turning radius, hence the name. 

Husqvarna MZ 61 Review

And therefore, these heavy-duty mowers are ideal for more significant residential and commercial grade properties where you want to get into every nook and cranny. We have brought one such product at your disposal and information regarding the same. So if your curiosity is not yet satisfied, dive into this Husqvarna MZ 61 review. 


Husqvarna MZ 61 Review | The Ideal Zero-turn Mower?

Husqvarna has been around for over three hundred thirty years bringing all kinds of innovative machines to the table. They made their first lawn mower in 1919 and quickly became a household name from the onset of the 1920s. Today they produce an array of forest, lawn, and garden products that are high performing and reliable to meet several residential and commercial requirements. 

The MZ 61 is an entry-grade commercial zero-turn lawn mower. Zero-turn mowers can maneuver 360 degrees, making it ideal for a yard filled with obstacles and tight spaces. This mower’s robust frame and steel deck houses powerful blades for a clean and even cut. And the Briggs and Stratton engine delivers high performance and speed. This performance is carefully amalgamated with unique and impressive features for a pleasant mowing experience. 

Husqvarna MZ61 61 in. 27 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower
  • Husqvarna 61 in. zero-turn lawn mower from the MZ series delivers commercial-grade power and amazing ergonomics
  • 27 HP Briggs Endurance engine provides reliable startups and high ground speeds
  • Fabricated 11-gauge steel cutting deck offers an excellent 54 in. cut with an ergonomically designed deck lifting system for quick and easy adjustments from the operator’s seat
  • Clippings can be discharged, mulched or bagged with a 9-bushel triple bag collection system (mulching kit and bagger attachment sold separately)
  • High-back seat with armrests, foam-padded hand grips and vibration dampeners make mowing comfortable for hours on end

Cutting width: The cutting deck is made of 11 gauge fabricated steel and is 61 inches wide, allowing it to undertake and efficiently cut a more excellent patch of grass. The powder-coated deck makes it corrosion resistant, adding to the mower’s durability. The suction produced beneath the deck by the air induction technique lifts the grass, resulting in a cleaner cut. The bigger deck size not only provides ample leg room but also has a removable foot pan for cleaning and other services.

Cutting height: The cutting height range delivered by this zero turn is 1.5 to 4.5 turns with a 0.25-inch increment totaling off to 12 cutting heights that you can achieve while considering your choice. And to make things even more pleasant, you can change the cutting height from the comfort of the operator’s seat by just pushing a pedal and allowing you to switch the key located at the right side of the mower to whichever height you want to go for. Once you have placed the key, you can release the pedal to lock that position. 

Engine: Reliable performance is crucial for a commercial grade mower, and it is achieved through a 27HP V-twin Briggs and Stratton engine with a 5-gallon fuel tank. This engine is of the endurance series, and a vital element of this series is easier oil and filter change without the requirement of any tools. It has an easy electric start and provides a quieter mowing experience for incredible power.

Husqvarna MZ 61 Review

Transmission: As the mower is a variable speed mower capable of rear drive, an easy transmission system is much needed. Nothing beats hydrostatic transmission for the same with its fast response and precise speed under varying loads. The fluid passing through the hoses rotates the output shaft, and the hydraulic pump drives the motor. Hence no gear changes are required.

Triple bag collectors: This mower is capable of bagging, mulching, and discharging, giving you versatility; and comes with a 9-bushel triple bag collecting system, and it is straightforward to install and clean.

Operator’s comfort: The mower has a high back seat with armrests and foam padded handles to keep you comfortable for a long day of mowing. It also effectively dampens vibrations to add to the reduction of the operator’s fatigue. All control panels and service points are easily accessible and have a cup holder.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • It can go up to about 4.2 acres per hour.
  • Hydrostatic transmission.
  • 27 HP Briggs and Stratton engine.
  • Fuel tank capacity of 5 gals.
  • Cutting width of 61 inches.
  • 11 gauge fabricated steel deck.
  • Cast aluminum spindle.
  • Three blades.
  • The blade tip speed of 18500 fpm.
  • Cutting height range of 1.5” – 4.5” with 12 cutting positions.
  • The maximum forward speed of 8.5mph.
  • Maximum reverse speed of 5mph.
  • Assembled weight of 770lbs.
  • Premium 21” high back seat with armrests.

Husqvarna MZ 61 Advantages

Apart from the build and design, Husqvarna has done many things right with attention to detail and user requirements, and we attempt to tell you more about it with the list given below.

  • The framework of this mower is made of 2” × 3” tube chassis for a sturdy and durable mower, making it ideal for heavy-duty jobs.
  • Air induction technology creates a vacuum for cleaner cuts.
  • The variable speed can go up to 8mph forward and five mph reverse.
  • The height adjustment is tool-free and can be done from the operator’s seat by simply pushing a pedal.
  • The oil and air filter change require no tools due to the clever engine design.
  • No hiccups and highly maneuverable to a 360-degree turn.
  • All the safety stickers are written in a clear and readable font that is easily visible from the operator’s seat. 
  • Three anti-scalping wheels and nose rollers are provided to avoid scalping 
  • The mower is built in the USA, making it very easy to source and locate replacement parts and services.


Buying a zero-turn mower can be a significant investment for many people, and it’s worth considering the downsides before making a decision. Apart from not being ideal for residential properties, these were some common denominators that we could find.

  • Due to its heavy weight, getting used to a zero-turn mower is not the most straightforward job.
  • Deck wash ports are unavailable; hence, you cannot attach a hose to clean the deck, which might be a hassle.
  • The mower tends to go in the same direction while turning due to the big front caster wheels.
  • The seats are made of vinyl and may eventually weather and look not visually pleasing
  • There have been customer complaints regarding blades falling off from not being bolted well.

Customer Insights | Husqvarna MZ 61

Some buyers loved their switch to the Husqvarna MZ 61 and shared their experience, saying, “The 61-inch deck size of this mower is what drew me to it in the first place. It allows me to complete a lot of work in a single day, cuts well, and is quite pleasant to use for eight hours each day. It has a lot of power, which takes some getting accustomed to, but once you do, it’s all fun and games. Because of the time it saves, I love my Husqvarna mz61, which helps me make a decent profit on my yards.”

While some unfortunate buyers felt the ultimate buyer’s remorse after having some negative reviews regarding the mower, they state, “I bought the MZ61 about a month and a half ago, and I’m not too happy with the mower. The locking pin got stuck the first time I tried to change the mower deck. After applying WD40, nothing happened. When I contacted the retailer where I had purchased it, they could not offer any advice.

Additionally, I can’t seem to discover a way to relax the steering bars because they are so tight. After mowing 8.5 acres, my arms hurt the next day. The mower itself cuts grass only passably. I had to re-run an area in certain places to get the grass that was missed the first time. Overall, the mower has not pleased me.”


How often should I change the oil in my zero-turn mower?

Oil change should be done every 50 hours for residential zero turns and every 100 hours for commercial zero turns for a smooth running engine.

What oil is used in a Husqvarna zero-turn mower?

Husqvarna has a premium oil blend for its heavy-duty commercial grade mowers and tractor that is Full Synthetic 10W-30 4-Stroke engine oil.

How long does a zero-turn mower last?

With regular oil changes and ample maintenance, a zero-turn mower can easily last about three thousand to three thousand five hours.

Who manufactures Husqvarna products?

The garden and power equipment of the brand are manufactured in Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products N.A., Inc. factories in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and McRae, Georgia.

Closure | Husqvarna MZ 61 Review

The Husqvarna MZ 61 is a tremendous entry-grade commercial mower with a great engine and a wide-cutting deck for efficient work. With excellent build quality, power and performance, Husqvarna MZ 61 can be recommended for people who want to cut down their mowing time on their vast properties and if the pros outweigh the cons. Husqvarna also offers industry-leading warranties, and the mower can be very well tried before you decide to buy it. We always recommend doing your research before making any purchases so you can determine whether it suits your requirements or not.

Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any further queries and have a great shopping experience. 

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