Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower Review | Really the Best You Can Get?

Mowing season only seems long because you are not equipped with the right lawn mower. Keeping your yard immaculate might seem a very appealing thing to do, but buying a lawnmower in the endless array of garden maintenance machines available in the market currently is a job that requires careful consideration. Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower has been the talk of the town for some time now. So we have curated this Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower review to assess whether it is the right choice for you.

Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower Review

A lawn mower should suit your lifestyle perfectly. The size of your yard, maintenance, budget, and accessibility are just a few of the many things to be kept in mind. Does Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower fulfill all the requirements? Let’s find out.


Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower Review | Best Value For Money?

The Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower is a product by Aldi’s garden product and accessories. The engine housing, support handle, and wheels are made of polypropylene with good tensile strength, making the material durable while being lightweight. The grass catcher material is either polypropylene or textile, and the machine is incorporated with steel tubes. The dimensions of the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower are approximately 78 x 44 x 53cm, and its weight of 13.3kg makes it reasonably compact and easy to store. 

Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower

Battery-powered cordless lawn mowers are the newest in the market and are available at great prices and provide the most effortless usage and maneuverability. Compared to the traditional petrol ones, these are not only lightweight but also do not require any maintenance and are quiet and emission-free. The Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower runs on a 40V lithium-ion battery that takes about an hour to an hour and a half to charge and gives a battery life of approximately 30-45 minutes, making it ideal for small to medium size yards or about 250 squared meters.

The Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower being a budget lawnmower, is not scanty in features, and a few of those are listed below.

Brushless motor: The brushless motors are more energy efficient as there are no losses due to friction.

Safety key and switch: The safety key and safety switch are incorporated to avoid the involuntary starting of the lawnmower.

Cutting width: The cutting width of the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower is about 40 cm, making it ideal for small to medium-size yards.

Different cutting height positions: The cutting height can be adjusted from 25 to 75mm providing 6 different positions altogether.

Grass collecting bag: The grass collecting bag is about 45 liters and is integrated with a useful fill level indicator easing the operator to check when the bag ought to be emptied before proceeding.

Mulching kit: The mulching kit cuts the grass into small pieces and, rather than collecting it, redistributes it into the lawn to make the soil more fertile.

Comfortable handles: The machine is integrated with a fold-down handle that you can adjust into 3 different positions.

Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower Review | How to use it?

Cordless lawn mowers are the easiest in terms of usage, and if you don’t believe us now, you definitely would, after reading these steps taken to use the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower.

  • Before using the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower, we must ensure the battery is fully charged. A green blinking indicator on the charger denotes the charging status, and it switches off to symbolize a fully charged battery.
  • The lid of the battery compartment in the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower is lifted, and the battery is attached, and a click sound denotes its successful installation.
  • Now the machine is ready to be started by pressing the start button beside the handle, and you can select the cutting height adjustment according to your preferences.

Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower Advantages

The Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower is one of the bestsellers and has tons of positive reviews to reinforce the belief. Some of its most popular and well-liked features are:

  • Battery-operated, hence makes the job hassle-free
  • Easy to install and use
  • Emission-free, thus, easy to maintain and sustainable
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Suitable with different cutting height positions
  • Comes with a mulching kit

Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower Disadvantages

Along with pros, we also found some critical reviews for the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower pointing out the inefficiencies in the product, which are equally as crucial in making your mind to make a purchase or not. 

  • Suitable only for short and dry grass; very uneven cut with damp or longer than 5-7 cm grass
  • Poor build quality; either broke after a few months or stopped working altogether for some users
  • Users complained of grass falling all over the place while trying to work with the collector box
  • Customer service not prompt

Customer Reviews | Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower Review

Alex says, “I did my research and bought the mower due to all the positive reviews, which turned out mostly accurate. The mower is a great buy for the price. It is quiet and easy to use than my old electric cable one. Very simple to install and easy to push. The build quality is excellent for this price segment, and I recommend it completely.”

Another buyer said similar things along the line and mentioned, “The product is great and came in two separate lots of battery and charger and lawnmower. The delivery was prompt, and it was light and easy to use. Easy to fold for storage purposes, although it feels a bit plasticky. Overall a great buy, and I am very pleased with it.”

Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower

On the other hand, Shawn had some critical remarks, “Although it is easy to assemble, the operating mechanism was faulty, causing intermittent starting, and I could not stop it. I could only do it by removal of the start key. The customer service did not consider my problem and asked me to refer to the Ferrex customer service as it was under warranty. The replacement procedure is currently undergoing.”

FAQs | Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower Review

From where can I buy the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower?

You can buy the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower either through an offline store or the via the online website.

Does the purchase of the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower include the battery and charger?

No, the battery and charger are bought separately.

How much does the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower cost?

The cost of the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower is £99.99, and the battery and charger cost an additional £45.

How much does the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower weigh?

The weight of the machine is about 13.3kgs.


Concluding the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower review, we can say that it is an excellent buy for a very affordable price. If you are a light user with a small to medium-sized lawn and do not want to spend much time and money on maintenance, this might just be the ideal mower for you. We have mentioned all the details and specifications for your aid but would still recommend doing your research on the product before making the purchase.

Feel free to contact us if you feel any information has slipped through the cracks or want to learn more about the Ferrex Cordless Lawnmower.

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