Scotts Elite Spreader Review | Worth the Price?

Scotts Elite Spreader Review

The idea of having a beautiful lawn and garden that you can decorate and make your own is very appealing. Now that calls for a task that is not entirely easy as it involves seeding a new lawn and treating it with fertilizers and pesticides. If that sounds anything like you, you might consider buying … Read more

Scag Freedom Z Review | Worth the Hype?

Scag Freedom Z Reviews

With a zero-turn mower, you can efficiently halve the time necessary to mow your lawn, get a fantastic cut, and handle vast grass areas at once. All of this is made possible by a zero-turn mower’s ability to turn with a turning radius of zero because of the independent operation of its front and back … Read more

Hydretain Review | True to It Claims?

Hydretain Reviews

A thought that occurs to every person trying to maintain a garden is why their plants or grass cover does not cooperate. You may take enough care and precautions and supply water regularly, but you have yet to see desired results, or you may dwell in drought-hit areas.  Whatever the cause, the science behind groundwater … Read more

Garden Gear Weed Burner Reviews | 100% Effective Or Not?

Garden Gear Weed Burner Review

Weed removal is a back-breaking full day work. Sounds familiar? Or maybe you can sprinkle pesticides, but it does not sit right with you being more mindful about your and your surrounding’s health. But you also can’t let weeds clad your driveway entirely. Weed burners can come to your rescue as these innovative tiny gadgets … Read more