11 Best Cordless Pressure Washer Of 2023 (Affordable Picks)

Heavy-duty cleaning is back in style! But, rather than lugging a heavy, bulky unit around your yard, you can now enjoy the benefits of a convenient, portable pressure washer. That’s why the search for the best Cordless Pressure Washer has quickly become the trend to find an indispensable tool for landscapers and professionals alike.

A cordless power washer is a great thing to have around your house, especially if you’re a homeowner with lots of tough outdoor surfaces to clean. There are a lot of cordless pressure washers available in the market, but to make your job easier, we have come up with some options that can be the perfect fit for you.

Best Cordless Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a simple, powerful, and environment-friendly cleaning machine. You can use it to clean almost any surface, whether your car, boat, floors, home, deck, or anything else, while saving your money and effort. Cleaning your home with a pressure washer not only allows you to save time but also to make your home look brand new again. A pressure washer must be set up correctly and used correctly in order to work efficiently. Let’s figure out which one can fulfill all your requirements.


11 All-Pupose Cordless Pressure Washer

A cordless pressure washer is an alternative for homeowners who don’t have access to an electrical outlet in their yard or garage. The power comes from a rechargeable battery, so you won’t have to wait long to continue using the tool. The top three things you need to consider if you’re in the market for a cordless pressure washer are weight, capacity, and voltage. Below are some of the best cordless pressure washers on the market and e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Our Recommendation  | Best Cordless Pressure Washer

CPPLIA Cordless Pressure Washer

CPPLIA Cordless Pressure Washers are an excellent alternative to gas-powered machines. They are portable high-power washer guns with a powered battery. These machines are light and hence easy to carry. CPPLIA Cordless Pressure Washers have been designed with the user in mind. With an ergonomic design and handle, it is easy to maneuver around as needed and store away without taking up much space. 

CPPLIA Cordless Pressure Washer

The motor is capable of producing 680 PSI at 2 gallons per minute for surface cleaning and general-purpose cleaning on lawns and driveways, among other things.


  • Guarantees a good clean, and clear surface to paint
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Ergonomic design contributes to its ease of use
  • Anti-vibration system minimizes wrist fatigue due to the vibrations of the motor and pump
  • Runs up to 6 minutes on a single charge at only 2 amps

CPPLIA Cordless Pressure Washer,Portable High Power Cleaner with Battery Powered Pressure Washer Gun Car Washer Foam Spray 6 in 1 Adjustable Nozzle Suitable for Yard House Home, Driveways, Patios
  • 【Cordless High Pressure Washer】This powerful high-pressure power washer combines portability with convenience to go anywhere and get the job done. With its cordless, lightweight and compact design and highly durable motor, it is portable and can be carried around. The portable pressure washer has a maximum working pressure of 680 PSI and a flow rate of 242 L/h. It is recommended for cleaning around the house, such as car wash, window glass, garden, exterior walls, entrances, stairs, etc.
  • 【6-IN-1 Multi-Functional & Rotating Spray Nozzles】 The 6-in-1 Multifunctional Spin Nozzle simplifies life! Our new cordless power washer features a larger spray area and six different spray modes: 0°, 20°, tilt direction, 20°, 40°, foam spray, and shower mode. It creates variable pressure to accommodate a variety of cleaning tasks. The portable power cleaner allows you to clean all outdoor spaces and equipment easily and quickly.
  • 【Portable Cordless & Safe】20000 mAh lithium battery offers stable power to all work and 200W brushless motor with excellent durability. It features upgraded protections against overcharge, overheat, short circuit and is also waterproof to ensure maximum user safety.
  • 【CPPLIA high pressure Power technology】The 18D high pressure pump head and S Power 2022 brushless motor guarantee longevity and silence, while the unique technology provides additional power and pressure. Furthermore, the weight is only 1.2 kg/2.65 lbs, so even women may use it confidently, and storage is simple.
  • 【Fully Equipped & High Quality]】The Cordless Pressure Washer comes with a main body, rechargeable battery, dedicated high pressure water hose(16.4FT/5M), hose filter, water flow adjustment nozzle, detergent bowl, AC power adapter, storage bag, instruction manual . The pressure washer comes with two year warranty. If you need more help, please feel free to contact us.


  • Temperature of the water discharged from unit-less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, making it difficult to clean with high-pressure hot water and not enough to kill germs
  • Does not have a trigger gun to spray detergent or chemical solutions out onto your cleaning surface; you will have to manually dip your cleaning tool in it or apply it with a brush attachment

ROCKPALS Cordless Pressure Washer Gun

ROCKPALS Cordless Pressure Washers are portable, powerful, and easy to use. So, you can take it with you to clean your driveway, patio, or any outdoor space around the house. These washers are designed for convenience in various situations, for example, for homeowners who want a less-trouble way of cleaning their properties without having to drag out the gas tank or lug around a heavy garden hose. The best thing about this electric pressure washer is its safety. It is well protected, so there is no chance you will hurt yourself or anyone else. It comes with a high-pressure spray feature, which gives cleaner results from a surface as small as four feet. It also comes with a high PSI output, which improves the quality of your cleaning, washing, and scrubbing work. You also get additional nozzles and accessories with it.

ROCKPALS Cordless Pressure Washer Gun, 2 x 40V Batteries Max 870 PSI Power Washer with Accessories, Portable Power Cleaner with 6-in-1 Adjustable Nozzle, Suitable for Washing Cars/Fences/Siding
  • PORTABLE CORDLESS PRESSURE WASHER - Max 870 PSI/6.0MPA working pressure with max 0.7 MPA water inlet pressure and the flow rate is 200L/h. ROCKPALS portable pressure cleaner is powerful enough with 2 X 40V Lithium battery. ADD (B0B9G5W8DB) Into Carts To Extra Get The 1PCS Rechargeable Battery. Cordless, Lightweight and Compact design can travel anywhere.
  • 6-IN-1HUMANIZED DESIGN NOZZLE - Our high pressure washer features the adjustable 6-in-1 nozzle: 0°, 20°, 20° slant direction, 40°, foam jetting, and shower mode or 0° heavy flow (Different modes of water pressure will be different). In addition, we also provide 180° rotatable jet pipe. Multiple spray nozzle lets you switch between varying degrees of water stream intensity that lets you easily and quickly clean all your outdoor spaces and gear.
  • AUTO & ECO WORKING MODES - There are automatic and economical modes of battery pressure washer. You can switch 2 modes conveniently by pressing the mode button. Automatic mode is for fast water jetting with high-pressure cleaner starts. You can use this mode for removing stubborn stains quickly. Economical mode offers a lighter cleaning mode for efficacious cleaning. Also, Our battery pressure washer features a safety lock. When the handle is locked, the cordless washer cannot be operated.
  • MULTIPLE-FUNCTIONS AND APPLICATION - Cleaning and maintenance of various motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery supporting products. our pressure washer gun is effective especially for cleaning the exterior walls of buildings, floors, baths, swimming pools, doors and windows, and corners that are difficult to clean manually. It is the best pressure washer machine for outdoor camping and long trips.
  • EASY CARRY AND ASSEMBLE - This high pressure cordless washer is about 6.6lb, comes with a 19.6ft hose that are easy to store. Compared with traditional washing machines, our portable power cleaner are lighter and more portable. Just spent a few minutes to complete the installation and start your work. The power pressure cleaner is covered by ROCKPALS warranty for 18 months (6 months extended warranty). If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.


  • Delivers a high pressure of up to 870psi
  • Adjustable 6 in 1 nozzle. 
  • 6.6lb and 19.6ft hose makes it easy to store
  • Works on multiple surfaces ranging from concrete to wood, glass, tile, and metal without leaving any streaks or marks


  • Lacks adequate safety features
  • May not be able to exert the same pressure when used on heavy-duty surfaces like concrete, steel, and plastic


Remarkably effective and easy to use. This powerful yet lightweight machine is easy to store and transport, so it can go wherever needed without any hassles or worries. Thanks to the pressure washer’s vast array of technologies, you will experience cleaner, more professional results all around.

Worx Pressure Washers

The Worx Pressure Washers come in two options: The Generator and the Motor. This machine’s versatility is further boosted by its two options for power. It gives 450 PSI for more challenging cleaning jobs. You get four settings in the nozzle for broader cleaning.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easily adjustable pressure control prevents clogging of dirt or debris in the system while cleaning surfaces or spraying off your driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and decks
  • Cuts down washing time and water usage by 50% compared to other powered pressure washers

Worx 40V Power Share Hydroshot 2X20V Portable Power Cleaner (Batteries & Charger Included) - WG644
  • [7X MORE PRESSURE] Than a garden hose and nozzle. For tougher cleaning jobs, 450 PSI is more cleaning power than the standard Hydroshot models
  • [2-SPEED SETTINGS] But you can also switch it down to “Low” at 290 PSI to conserve both water and battery when the cleaning task is a little lighter
  • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
  • [4-IN-1 MULTI-SPRAY NOZZLE] Four settings, from 0° for the most direct spray, to 15°, 25°, and 40° for a wider cleaning radius
  • [ON-BOARD BATTERY CHARGE INDICATOR] The “fuel gauge” tells you how much juice you have left so you’ll know when to recharge or switch out batteries


  • Plastic hose can be damaged easily if dropped or stored improperly, causing leaks and breaks
  • Unit should be cleaned after each use to prevent dirt and debris from building up on or inside
  • Does not reach as far or clean as many places as gas-powered pressure washers do

PUFIER Cordless Pressure Washer

The PUFIER Cordless Pressure Washer is a professional industrial grade machine that is handheld, electric, portable, and rechargeable. It comes with an extra-long power cord and a 2-year warranty on parts and labor. The design of this pressure washer takes it to a new level of quality pressure washing experience. 

Pufier washer

This powerful machine is ideal for cleaning both hard and soft surfaces. It has several accessories like the telescopic hose and wand that extends up to 40 inches. The telescopic hose allows for cleaning various platforms, including stoops, windows, walls, and more. The PUFIER Cordless Pressure Washer will go anywhere you want it to. This unit comes complete with all of the necessary equipment needed to clean almost every surface in your home.


  • Comes with a soap bottle and 20 feet hose
  • Copper motor that goes up to 320 PSI. 
  • Hose comes with an attached filter to filter the impurities
  • 30-40 minute cleaning time in a single charge

【2023 Ultra-Light】 PUFIER Hydroshot Cordless Pressure Washer, 320 PSI(MAX 435PSI), with 2*20V Rechargeable Battery, 6-in-1 Nozzle, Portable Power Cleaner for Car, Fence, Floor Cleaning & Watering
  • 【Powerful & Lightweight】The portable pressure washer can produce a working pressure of 320 PSI (up to 435 PSI) and a water flow of 0.67GPM. With a cordless design that is easy to install and carry, this pressure washer weighs only 1.92kg when assembled and can be used outdoors where it is difficult to secure power.
  • 【Filtration System】Portable pressure washer has built-in globe valves that can be connected to faucets. For remote cleaning, a 20-foot suction hose can be placed in a river, pool, or any water source to draw water. The filter on the hose can initially filter the impurities in the water, and the filter at the water inlet can re-efficiently filter the water source.
  • 【2 Waterproof Batteries】The portable pressure washer set is equipped with 2 x 20V batteries and lasts for 30-50 minutes. Considering the safety and longevity of the battery, we have adopted a new waterproof design. The battery is external and can be installed and removed with just one touch. A child lock is also equipped on the handle of the washing machine.
  • 【6-in-1 Nozzle】Multifunctional nozzle can be rotated to 0°, 20°, 20° incline, 40°, foam spray, shower mode. Using telescopic rods, hard-to-reach areas can be easily cleaned. Pressure washer can be widely used to clean vehicles, boats, camping equipment, carpets, gardening, terraces, etc.
  • 【Full accessories】 The portable pressure washer includes: a battery charger, 2 x 20V batteries, spray gun, 6-in-1 multi-function nozzle, extension gun, a 270ml soap bottle and a 20ft hose. Driven by a 180W brushless DC motor, it is more durable, longer lasting and less jitter than ordinary pressure washers. Fast and stable removal of the most stubborn dirt, saving 75% of water.


  • Limited range of power settings
  • Not apt for large commercial application
  • You must be careful about its storage/decommissioning


DEWALT cordless pressure washers are a powerful, versatile, and battery-powered solution to tackle any job – fast. With the right tools for the right job, DEWALT’s latest innovations make it easier than ever to manage your home or commercial property.

DEWALT Cordless Pressure Washer, Power Cleaner, 550-PSI, 1.0 GPM, Battery & Charger Included (DCPW550P1)
  • Power through a variety of cleaning tasks with 550 max PSI and 1.0 GPM
  • Convenient cordless cleaning, delivering 10X the power of a garden hose
  • Draw water from any fresh water source for convenience on the go
  • Connect to a garden hose with the quick connect adaptor

DEWALT Cordless Pressure Washers are flexible enough to be an all-purpose cleaning solution for homes and businesses alike. Use them to tackle general cleaning jobs around the yard, the basement, and all indoor surfaces. Pick from four models that provide maximum working pressure and various water flow rates to find your ideal pressure washer.


  • Ergonomically designed handle for easy carrying
  • Low noise level
  • Comes with 4 nozzles and a 20-foot high-pressure hose


  • PSI doesn’t work great
  • Not very high pressure and doesn’t work on hard stains

BERGWERK Cordless Power Cleaner

The Berghaus BERGWERK Cordless Power Cleaner is specifically made for people who want quality without sacrificing speed or power. This unit is packed with the finest and most powerful brush roll in the market that unleashes its full power once you turn it on. It has a durable plastic body which makes it light and easy to carry. It is powered by a 12V battery that lasts for an extremely long period of time (up to 4 hours), because of which you won’t need to worry about the battery running out while cleaning under the furniture or in an awkward place.  

BERGWERK Cordless Power Cleaner 40V Portable Power Washer with 2pcs Batteries Power Cleaner, Working Pressure 520PSI for RVs Boats or Home Projects, with Accessories Kit and a Charger Included
  • 【CORDLESS POWER CLEANER & 2x40V BATTERIES】 Easy Cleaning! Upgraded version of lightweight and compact Cordless Portable Power Cleaner. Cordless design can travel anywhere to get the cleaning job done. Our Portable Power Washer come with TWO 40Volt Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, provide enough power for outdoor cleaning. You can receive the Cordless Washer quickly.
  • 【6-IN-1 Multi-Function & ROTATABLE SPRAY NOZZLE 】Make life Easier! Our innovative Cordless Power Washer has a larger spray area and provides 6 mode options: 0 Degree, 20 Degree, 20 Degree tilt direction, 40 Degree, foam jet and shower mode. It create variable pressures for different cleaning jobs. The Portable Power Cleaner also comes with a Extension Lance and a rotatable (180 Degree&360 Degree) Spray Nozzle for cleaning dirt on the roof and inside of the wheels.
  • 【MORE PRESSURE MAX 520 PSI & SAFETY TRIGGER LOCK】 Our Cordless Portable Pressure Washer can generates up to 520 PSI for superior cleaning power. No problem at all even to remove tough stains. High Pressure Washer trigger gun features a safety lock. When the handle is locked, the trigger gun cannot be operated. Children safety lock to avoid danger. This Power Cleaner doesn’t need a hose or spigot for operation.
  • 【AUTO/ECO PRESSURE MODES & DRAWS WATER FROM ANYWHERE】You can click the pressure selector button once to switch AUTO mode (High Pressure) and ECO mode (Low Pressure for lighter cleaning tasks). This Portable Power Washer doesn’t need a hose or spigot for operation. All you have to do is drop the included 20 FT. Hose water pipe in a water source like a lake, pool, or bucket, and spray away. It’s that easy.
  • 【FULLY EQUIPPED&WARRANTY】The Cordless Pressure Washer comes with a Battery Charger; 2 X 40V Lithium Batterise; a Spray Gun; a 6-in-1 Multi-Function Nozzle; a Rotatable Nozzle; a Long Nozzle; a Sope Bottle; a 20 FT. Hose. BERGWERK pressure washers come with 1 year warrantyIf you need more help, please feel free to contact us


  • Extreme lightweight (3kgs) and easy to carry
  • Larger spray area compared to the others, with 6 mode options 
  • Low noise
  • Removes tough stains easily with its 520 PSI


  • The pressure washer cannot be used in cold weather
  • Difficult to maneuver around tight corners or confined spaces


The Tyger cordless power cleaner is easy to use and clean. Tyger’s line of portable pressure washers includes powerful machines that are capable of cleaning tough dirt and debris. The green LED light will blink to show you how much time is left, letting you know when it’s time to recharge! Tyger includes 2 attachments. Tyger cordless power cleaner will help make all of your household chores a breeze.

Tyger Cordless Pressure Washer


  • Has shower spread modes with dual pressure settings
  • Battery and an accessories kit sold together
  • Compact Design for easy storage

Tyger 20V Battery Powered Cordless Portable Power Cleaner Pressure Washer with Bonus Foldable Water Bucket | MAX 536 PSI | Battery and Accessories Kit Included | TG-PW2C0360
  • NO FAUCET CONNECTION NEEDED - Cleaner draws water directly from depressurized source with the supplied intake hose. Bonus 5 gallon foldable water bucket included with purchase.
  • FRESH WATER SOURCE - Works exclusively with any depressurized fresh water source: e.g. swimming pool, lakes, water buckets.
  • BATTERY POWERED - 20V rechargeable battery with 5h charging station. Additional battery packs can be purchased separately.
  • 3-in-1 MULTI-SPRAY NOZZLE - 0°, 25°, Shower-spread modes and dual pressure settings enable various power cleaning and gardening tasks.
  • FOAM ACTION - Attach the provided soap bottle nozzle for soap foam spray.


  • Safety glasses needed to protect your eyes from dirt and occasional leaking water
  • Rotating brush absent; cannot clean rugs or carpets
  • Pump gets clogged with dirt and limescale over time

Heyesaki Cordless Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a mechanical device that sprays high-pressure water to remove contaminants from surfaces. Heyesaki is different from other pressure washers because it uses a battery that can be charged by connecting the charger to any outlet in the house or outside. You can use it to clean many hard surfaces, including floors, walls, and vehicles. The washer can be used to wash windows, decks, concrete, marble, and iron surfaces. There are general-purpose pressure washers that can perform a wide range of tasks and an array of specialized models designed just for personal use.

heyesaki Cordless Pressure Washer, 650PSI Portable Pressure Washer,98VF Rechargeable Battery Cordless Power Washer,with 6 in 1 Adjustable Nozzle Suitable for Washing Cars/Floor/Garden Cleaning
  • Portable Power Washer: This Portable Power Washer is equipped with 98VF battery 15000mAh large capacity battery, which can be used for up to 50 minutes. (Please charge before use) Short circuit, over voltage and over temperature protections have been upgraded for maximum safety. Do not allow water to enter the battery during use.
  • 6-in-1 Adjustable Nozzle: Cordless pressure washer comes with an adjustable 6-in-1 nozzle (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, foam and shower) that can be rotated to change the water outlet. The car washer is also equipped with 2 nozzles with different pressures (0°, 40°). For high water pressure, choose the red nozzle to ensure adequate water supply.
  • Light Weig ht and convenient: Pressure washers Compared with traditional water pressure washers avoid the limitation of wires. The portable pressure washer weighs approximately 7.4 pounds and comes with a 26.2-foot hose. Portable electric washing machines are lighter and easier to carry.
  • Accessories: stainless steel reinforcement rod X1; quick connector X1; 6 in 1 multi-function nozzle X1; (0°, 40°) nozzle X1; foam pot X1; filter X1; water pipe 26.2 feet; charger X1; 98VF lithium battery X1.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Electric washing machines can be used not only to clean your car, bike, motorcycle, etc., but also to clean balconies, windows, walls, floors, gardens, and more. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.


  • Comes with 650 PSI and 6 in 1 adjustable nozzle 
  • Can be used to clean up most surfaces, from windows to decks, cars, floors, etc.
  • Two speed settings- for standard cleaning tasks and one for those requiring a slower pace due to the nature of the surface being cleaned


  • Not designed for industrial use or larger area
  • Does not come with any extras like a spray gun or a cleaning brush
  • Low water pressure insufficient for some tasks or being cleaned at once

Enhulk Pressure Washer Cordless

The Enhulk combines powerful cleaning with convenience to create a truly versatile product. It outperforms traditional pressure washers by a huge margin. It comes in four different options: gas-powered, electric pump-powered, battery-powered for those who don’t have access to an outlet or are looking for the most environment-friendly option available, and solar-powered.

Enhulk Pressure Washer Cordless


  • 60 minute runtime
  • Comes with 6 in 1 nozzle, soap applicator, and a brush
  • Convenient to use
  • Capable of high-pressure washing and deep cleaning

Enhulk Pressure Washer Cordless, Peak 380 PSI Portable Power Cleaner with 20V 4.0Ah Battery, 6-in-1 Nozzle, Soap Applicator, Brush, 13ft Suction Height for Outdoor Wall Floor Window Cleaning
  • 【Lightweight & High Efficient】 The Enhulk cordless pressure washer is the perfect portable tool for a variety of cleaning applications. The powerful copper motor provides up to 380 PSI max (355 PSI rated) and 0.6 GPM max (0.55 GPM rated), releasing 6X more pressure than a regular garden hose, produces a pumping drop of more than 14 ft to clean cars, bikes, walls, floors, swimming pools, and windows.
  • 【High-Capacity 4.0Ah Battery】 Adopted by the exclusive, eco-friendly 20-Volt 4.0Ah battery system, the Enhulk rechargeable power cleaner has a maximized 60 minutes runtime without either of the gas, fumes, fuss, or tangled extension cords. Just enjoy the ultimate in cordless convenience!
  • 【6-in-1 Multi-Function nozzle】 Featuring 6 pressure settings 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, diagonal, and watering, the adjustable nozzle enables flexibility to various water streams of tackle projects both inside and outside of your house. It's also compatible with any typical garden hose (3/8-inch quick-connect fitting is included).
  • 【Truly Portable Power Cleaning】 Equipped with the 3/8" quick-connect adaptor, it allows you to easily connect with a garden hose, or simply use the included 20ft suction hose with filter basket to draw from any freshwater sources like a lake or river. You may also pair the power cleaner with the included 13L Portable Water Bag, Weighing 5.1 lbs lightweight for long stretches.
  • 【What's included-Great Cleaning kits】 The Enhulk power cleaner comes with all-you-need cleaning kits, creating a fun, fast way to clean anywhere, anytime. Also check out the amazing cleaning attachments included: 20V 4.0Ah battery, 2.0Ah charger, 6-in-1 spray lance, nozzle with the detergent container, 20ft suction hose with filter basket, 13L collapsible bucket, quick-connect adaptor, surface brush, and mesh storage bag.


  • Not very effective in cleaning dirt from surfaces
  • Not very powerful because of its small sprayer
  • Cannot reach hard-to-reach areas like the corners


Rock&Rockr Pressure Washer line is undoubtedly the most powerful, most durable, and highest rated option on our list. Rock&Rockr Pressure Washer (Cordless) has been tested by professionals and passed the tests. The Rock&Rockr Pressure Washer is excellent because of its durability, power, lack of fuel tanks, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. With the Rock&Rockr Pressure Washer Cordless, you can be confident that you will clean your home well and quickly.

Rock&Rocker 40V Cordless Power Cleaner, Portable Pressure Washer, 800PSI in 0°Nozzle, with 6-in-1 & 180° Adjustable Nozzle, Battery & Charger, 20ft hose with filter, for Outdoor Cleaning, Boat, Paddle
  • 【2 Working Mode】Rock&Rocker cordless power cleaner has automatic and economical mode. You can adjust the pressure to your need by switching the mode button. The automatic mode is 507.5PSI (Max 600PSI) with high-pressure jetting, which can clean stubborn stains quickly. The economical mode is 319PSI, it offers a longer running time and lighter cleaning mode, which is perfect for outdoor camping and long trips.
  • 【Multi-functional Nozzle】This rechargeable power washer provides 6 nozzle options: 0°, 20°, 20° tilt direction, 40°, foam and shower mode. which can meet all cleaning needs for you. In addition, this washer comes with a 180° rotatable jet pipe, which can clean dirt on the roof and inside of the wheels. It won't let you miss any corner.
  • 【Cordless & Rechargeable】Rock&Rocker handheld pressure cleaner is powerful enough with a 40V rechargeable Lithium battery and charger, providing you up to 30mins running time. This cordless design can let you get rid of the traditional corded electric pressure washer to enjoy the cordless convenience.
  • 【Portable & Easy To Set Up】Our powerful washer is only 4.8lb lightweight, with a 20ft hose, the washer can suck water from a lake, pool, or bucket. You can take it anywhere and clean everything from bikes and cars to windows and patio furniture. It is very easy to assemble, just needs a few minutes to set them up then start your cleaning.
  • 【Premium Design】Rock&Rocker portable pressure washer has a unique appearance which was designed by our R & D team. The upgraded material makes you feel good when you hold it. Also, this washer has a safety lock. This design is to avoid danger for kids.


  • 800 PSI with 180 degree adjustable nozzle
  • Quieter than standard pressure washers.
  • Water runs continuously
  • Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and hold


  • Wand has plastic parts that can show water leakage or rusting after long term use
  • Produces low pressure, so you have to apply a lot of pressure on the wand
  • Cannot be used for commercial purposes


AIVOLT Pressure Washers are basically made from a combination of carbon fiber and plastic, which are both lightweight and durable materials. This helps to make the product run smoothly and also saves energy. It comes with a carry-on bag and also has enough power to get up any type of surface without requiring high water pressure. Other features that make AIVOLT Pressure Washer Cordless more user-friendly include its durability, hardy finish, low noise, and ability to work on hard and delicate surfaces.

Aivolt pressure washer


  • 2.0Ah high capacity battery
  • 180 degree rotating multifunctional nozzle
  • Accessory attachments are included in the package
  • Comes with an on-board storage bag, so you can easily pack it up and keep it safe when not in use

AIVOLT Cordless Pressure Washer, 800PSI Portable Power Cleaner 40V Battery Powered Cordless Power Washer with 6-in-1 & 180°Rotating Multi-Function Nozzle for Washing Cars/Fences/Siding
  • [Powerful and Lightweight] - High capacity 40v 2.0Ah battery provides double the run time compared to traditional 2.0Ah batteries, Delivers maximum efficiency at 800 MAX PSI while minimizing water usage at only 0.9gpm. lightweight and portable power washer draws from any fresh water source
  • [Adjustable Nozzles] - Versatile 6-in-1 pressure nozzle lets you switch from varying degrees of water stream intensity, our cordless portable pressure washer with Pivoting quick connect adapter allows nozzle to be fully adjusted up to 180° in any direction to get underneath vehicles or other hard to reach areas around the home
  • [Safety Trigger Lock] - This battery powered pressure washer trigger gun features a safety lock. When the handle is locked, the trigger gun cannot be operated. Children safety lock to avoid danger. This portable power cleaner doesn’t need a hose or spigot for operation, There are automatic and economical modes of battery pressure washer. You can switch 2 modes conveniently by pressing the mode button
  • [Easy to Install and Use] - Portable self-priming, faster and stronger, built-in stainless steel fine filter, highly effective and deep filtering of impurities in the water. Quick-connect water inlet, convenient for your installation, quick-connect and quick-disassembly, and the lithium battery can be separated from the body, and 40v battery power washer has a compact design to prevent water leakage
  • [Wide Application] - The cordless power washer can be used as wash water spear, garden irrigation tools. Ideal for garden watering, agricultural irrigating, car washing, household cleaning and so on. It is the best pressure washer machine for outdoor camping and long trips


  • Not long battery life
  • Really short hose; may have difficulty cleaning some areas
  • Noisy, and can be troublesome for the elderly

FAQs| Best Cordless Pressure Washer

How do I get a cordless pressure washer?

Call your local hardware store and ask if they carry equipment that meets the specifications of commercial-grade pressure washers. You can also visit websites like Amazon. You can get several products from different brands in a single place.

Is a cordless battery pressure washer safe?

Yes, it is totally safe to use cordless pressure washers. But make sure you always follow the manufacturer’s directions for safe use.

Is DEWALT cordless pressure washer suitable for home?

DEWALT is without a doubt one of the best brands when it comes to power tools and they are no different when it comes to their pressure washers. The DEWALT cordless pressure washer is also an excellent model worthy of your attention if you are looking for an option for your home.


A pressure washer is designed to wash away dirt and particles by forcing water through a nozzle at high pressure. Pressure washers are great if you want to get rid of dirt and grime in your home, and this is also why many models are available on the market. Some perform better than others, but regardless, all offer the same basic function of cleaning debris and grim surfaces without needing physical work or backbreaking labor. We hope you found your version of the best cordless pressure washer from our list. So just grab your cleaning wand and get started. Happy shopping!

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